There is always something to admire about a live-action Zelda fan film, as a group of talented fans set out to bring the magic of our favorite series into the real world. The Legend of Zelda – A Missing Link is one of the latest live-action Zelda ventures to pique our interest. Led by visionary Chad Costen, the project aims to present a live-action incarnation of the Zelda universe that appeals to fans.

Costen recently released a proof-of-concept short film showing the world he has envisioned for a live-action Zelda. As part of a lengthy journey, our hero Link finds himself at the mouth of a mysterious cave on the side of Death Mountain. He does not quite know what he will find inside, but he pushes onward at the behest of his fairy guide Navi. Link (played by Scott Thorp) is a bit chattier than he is in the games, but I do appreciate our hero exhibiting a personality when confronted with potentially life-threatening challenges.

Filmed in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, A Missing Link depicts Hyrule in breathtaking natural beauty. Sweeping shots of the mountainside are absolutely gorgeous, further aided by CGI Zelda creatures that move around in the environment. This is truly what Hyrule would look like if found somewhere on our globe.

The main segment of this proof-of-concept video ends with Link discovering a mysterious light deep in the cave, only to be attacked by a Stalfos. We are then treated to a montage of other familiar characters that we may see in an expanded version Costen’s live-action Zelda world. Princess Zelda, Ganondorf, Skull Kid, the Great Deku Tree are all represented. Obviously the Zelda series is ripe with ideas for a continuation of A Missing Link.

As Link mounts Epona and sets out across the countryside, we are definitely eager to see more from Costen and his team.

What do you think of A Missing Link? Are you excited to see more? Let us know in the comments below!

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