Hyrule Circuit Video from Mario Kart 8

Link Mario Kart Can’t wait to get your hands on the new Zelda pack DLC for Mario Kart 8? Well here’s a video preview of the whole track from GameXplain at a glorious 60FPS!

Click the link below to follow.

I’m sure many of you noticed some of the bigger references, like the giant Master Sword and all the Rupees, but did anyone catch the small stuff such as:

  • The Spirit Track soldiers littering the track (they even chant)
  • The giant Zelda logo replacing the “START” sign
  • The classic Ocarina of Time torches at the start of the track, as well as the Twilight Princess torches inside the castle
  • The eight medallions from Ocarina of Time on the stained glass windows in the Master Sword chamber
  • The little Epona images on the tents
  • The  Skyward Sword Deku Babas replacing the Piranha Plants
  • The Skyward Sword Keese that appear in the section after the castle
  • Link has a new glider based on his Hylian Shield
  • The crystals that activate the Master Sword resemble the ones from A Link to the Past
  • The Hylian insignia engraved on the pillars when you get inside the castle
  • The Hyrule and Lorule Triforces just above the insignia on the pillar
  • Death Mountain can be seen in the distance after leaving the castle
  • Zelda’s lullaby can be heard after passing Castle Town
  • The Zelda Chest music can be heard when you grab an item box

That’s all that can be glanced for now, but be sure to keep looking at Zelda Dungeon for more hidden details about this, and many other Zelda titles.

Source: Youtube

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