Back in December YouTube user CsGuitar89 released his full length Zelda tribute album. With 18 original covers of Zelda songs from several different games of the series. The album, Hymns of Light and Shadows, is something I think every Zelda fan should own. Whether you’re a fan of soft melodic music, Metal, or anything in between this album has songs everyone can enjoy and with it being free to download, why wouldn’t you check it out?

Last week’s video was a cover of Kaepora Gaebora’s Theme, and next week’s will be The Great Sea. This week the featured video is a great cover of the Shop Theme. Check out the video after the jump to listen to it for yourself.

Fans of his songs will be pleased to know this album is free to download on his official site. If you’re for some odd reason tired of hearing Zelda related music than you can check out many of the other Nintendo and non Nintendo related covers on his Youtube Channel. If you’re a fan of the songs than you can even make your way to his website and download them as well. You can find the track listing from the album below.

1. Ocarina of Time Title Theme
2. Stone Tower Temple
3. Market Theme
4. Aryll’s Theme
5. Outset Island
6. Goron City
7. House Theme
8. Hidden Village
9. Astral Observatory
10. Temple of Time
11. Ilia’s Theme
12. Kakariko Village
13. Kaepora Gaebora’s Theme
14. Shop Theme
15. The Great Sea
16. Lon Lon Ranch
17. Dragon Roost Island
18. Majora’s Mask Ocarina Songs Medley

The shop theme is another song that when it comes to the Zelda series, it’s so commonly heard that we don’t pay much attention to it. In the game it seems to just be another short catchy tune used to fill in the silence, so hearing it being played out and made into a full length song really comes as a surprise to me. What are your thoughts on the video. Did you like the song as much as I do? Which was your favorite or which are you excited to hear next? Let us know in the comments below

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