Hylian-inspired eye shadows

Adorn yourself in Hylian eye shadow to feel like a legend every day with Shiro Cosmetics and Geekery. They have released The Legends Collection; a line of 25 stunning eye shadow colors inspired by our favorite game for your enjoyment. Not only are the colors beautiful but also it is makeup you can feel good about; find out more after the jump.

Shiro Cosmetics offers vivid colors that capture the majesty of Zelda. The collection includes colors inspired from a span of games such as “Twilight Realm”, “Majora’s Mask”, and “Ocarina”. The creator’s spin on each color is creative yet loyal to the franchise. Colors such as “Rupee” luster in green with the shine we would expect from a rupee, while “Epona” dawns a dark, rich, and earthy brown to connect with the more natural aspects of the games.

Could Shiro Cosmetics get any better? Yes! Not only are these cups of loose eye shadow very affordable at one to five dollars, but also they are completely vegan and cruelty free. So if you want to smolder with “Din’s fire” or tantalize with “Triforce” on your lids the company ships internationally. Oh, and you’ll be supporting Caitlyn, the creator, who is a 21 year-old self proclaimed “Pokemon Master.” I am loving the goddess colors. Which one do you like? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Shiro Cosmetics

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