Having been a Legend of Zelda fan for many ten years, I’d consider myself a relatively new fan. Not because I didn’t enjoy Zelda games prior to my introduction to Ocarina of Time, but because I had never heard of them. I know I know, “how could you be a gamer and not have heard of Zelda?”. Well before I owned a N64 I had a Sega Mega Drive Genesis, and before that i had a NES. Having lived in Europe for eight years, and in a country (Kosovo) where gaming wasn’t around much, I completely missed Zelda. That is until by a stroke of luck/fate that I ended up with one in my hands

I was visiting an aunts friend one night to find out that her kids had a N64 in their room. To make a long story short, they wanted to borrow a second controller and I wanted to borrow “Hey you, Pikachu!” (yeah…) and as luck would have it, their microphone was nowhere to be found. I disappointingly went through their games until one in particular struck my eyes. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Being a big fan of swords or anything having to do with swords (TMNT) the shield and sword automatically caught my attention. So I grabbed that, went home, and played the crap out of it before getting my own copy and Majora’s Mask for Christmas. And the rest is history. I’m just glad they lost their mic, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have heard of Zelda till several years later

So I’m interested to know, what was the first Zelda game you played and how were you first introduced to it?

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