We here at ZeldaInformer love drawing. We especially love drawing things related to Zelda. In fact, we even have our very own thread displaying some of our most prized renditions of the series’ hero, Link. David Cousens of CoolSurface.com shares a similar passion. Only his approach to the craft warrants completely different results, ones that could be as “in-depth,” “layered,” “complicated,” and “stunning,” compared to the adjectives ours receive—“avant-garde,” “abstract,” and “Val Kilmer.” While we like to keep our methods totally secret, Dave has thrown together a tutorial for what is just about the most badass emo-zombie-Link-hybrid-thing ever.


Be warned: his tutorial is “NOT FOR BEGINNERS,” and aimed instead of those who both own a graphics tablet and are completely comfortable with Photoshop and some of its more advanced features. So, the six of you can check it here, while the rest can just look at the pretty pictures.

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