zelOPSeeing as Nintendo is the family friendly company there’s one genre of games that every Nintendo console lacks: horror games. Of course there are some and we recently mentioned there being an unlockable Zelda costume in Fatal Frame (AKA Project Zero): Maiden of the Black Water. The game was released shortly before Halloween and GameXplain has released a video on how to unlock the Zelda costume as well as the Zero Suit Samus costume.


See how it’s done after the jump.

I didn’t actually watch the video as I have the game but haven’t been able to play it yet and want to avoid spoilers (there probably aren’t any but would rather not risk it). A lot of you commented before about how out of place the costumes were and that it would ruin the immersion but I’m guessing the costumes will only be available after you’ve beaten the game so at least you won’t be seeing everything for the first time dressed as Princess Zelda.

Let us know your thoughts on the costume and game in the comments below.

Source: YouTube

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