Have you ever pondered making your own creations to show your love of the Legend of Zelda series? Do you envy the work of your favorite artists and wished you could create similar works of art? With the help of this fan made tutorial, you can receive a guided start, and some practice making these three Legend of Zelda charms!

This tutorial on how to create your own Legend of Zelda charms out of polymer clay was created by youtuber ackatf, also known as Kat. In the video, Kat guides the viewers through the steps needed as she crafts the clay charms. The materials the viewer will need are polymer clay of your choice and color (shiny or non), a ball tool, an x-acto knife, and black paint for the ocarina holes.

Regarding the tutorial, Kat commented with: “The Triforce, Link’s sword, and a ocarina are the charms I create, and I hope you recreate, and like them!”

The clay creations can be used for a charm bracelet, or as a pendant, and you can find the images of the finished products in the gallery below.

Using Kat’s tutorial, are you going to recreate these charms, or your own charms to represent your favorite Legend of Zelda character? What other polymer clay creations would you like to see from Kat? Let us know in the comments!

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