In a recent Hyrule Warriors development team interview, Yosuke Hayashi discussed how the game is going to use the Wii U GamePad and its functionality as more than just a second screen for co-op.

The two-player mode looks really intriguing. Aside from having a separate screen, what benefits are there to gameplay having the second player using the GamePad?

Mr. Hayashi: Co-op play is something we’ve done plenty of times before in Dynasty Warriors games, and it’s usually something that happens with a splitscreen, where two people are sharing one TV screen. With the Wii U, we decided to take full advantage of the screen that’s on the GamePad that allows both players to play fullscreen from their own perspectives, which is something we haven’t been able to do before.

For example, if someone is playing alone, by themselves, and their younger brother should happen to walk up and say he wants to give it a shot, you can play co-op mode with each of you having your own screens as the game is intended to be played. Zelda is traditionally an experience that one has alone, so this is one of the few times players can experience that world and these characters with someone else while having a bit of banter between each other working together to clear a stage.

So does that mean it’s one game played single-player or co-op, or are we talking about a completely separate co-op mode?

Mr. Hayashi: Rather than a separate two-player mode, Hyrule Warriors has missions that can be challenged either alone or with two players – you always have that option.

He also went on to discuss how the GamePad will be used in single-player and some of the control mechanics that are being brought over from the Zelda series.

We talked about the story and the mechanics, so can you tell me about how the controls will perform to someone familiar with the Zelda series? Will they intrinsically be able to pick up the GamePad and know what to do?

Mr. Hayashi: The basis is still the traditional Dynasty Warriors controls, but we have included essential Legend of Zelda controls like L-Targeting because we know Zelda players are going to want to target single enemies.

The button layout is for the most part the Dynasty Warriors control scheme, but per Mr. Aonuma’s input, we made sure to include the essential Zelda control inputs.

As for the GamePad, because there are so many items, we made it possible using the touchscreen for players to choose those items, but you can also use the Control Pad to change items as well if you don’t want to take your right hand away from the controls or move your hand off of the GamePad.

What do you think of Tecmo Koei’s decisions on how to use the GamePad? Do you think it is a good use of the new hardware? Are the returning mechanics from the Zelda series making you more excited about playing? As always, discuss your thoughts in the comments below!

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