Board games often receive a video game spin, like Monopoly receiving a Pokemon edition way back when. Clue has recently gotten some love, with an Ocarina of Time themed edition from Hasbro. Players will assume the role of Link, Zelda, Nabooru, Darunia, Impa and Rauru to scour Hyrule for the pieces of the prophecy: A weapon capable of defeating Ganondorf, his location and the hero who is destined to defeat him. USAopoly has also provided an unboxing video on Facebook that can be viewed here.

I haven’t been a huge fan of board games for a while now, but it’s nice to see things such as this for newer and younger fans. This would be something I’d buy for a family or a themed party, or possibly a game night,  rather than myself.

Are you planning on adding this to your next game night? Let us know down below!

Source: USAopoly

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