Hey, Listen, I Like Navi


In case you missed it, hating Navi is so yesteryear. Now game bloggers from all around the world are uniting to love the $%&! out of Link’s little helper fairy. Brendan Main, a writer at the internet’s most awesome source of gaming comedy, The Escapist, has written an awesome article about why Navi is the most awesome and sexiest thing to ever grace The Legend of Zelda.

I think Navi is the greatest partner ever to grace a videogame. I know that this puts me in the lonely minority. Link’s perpetually-nattering pixie friend has become a punching bag among gamers, who view her constant cries as a nag and a nuisance. She’s constantly calling out “Hey!” and “Listen!” – only those lines are delivered like a shriek of wonder from a precocious, wild eyed-child, so it’s more like “Heeeeeeyyyyy! LeeeeeeEEEEESEN!”

This might be the most unsung virtue of Link as a hero – not only is he the physical embodiment of courage, and a natural with a sword, he’s also a really great leeeeeeEEEEESENer.

Read the full article here.

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