Ah, yes, an answer to all my pleas. A dream come true. Red Nomster on YouTube has finally gone and combined my two favorite video game series, The Legend of Zelda and Halo, into one truly epic Forge map in Halo Infinite, and my little heart can’t take the awesomeness.

Utilizing Halo Infinite‘s Forge Mode, which allows players to create just about anything they want, Red Nomster showcases not only Link’s humble home — with a few added touches — but the entirety of Kokiri Forest. In their video, they begin by hopping out of bed, and immediately, it’s beautiful. Red Nomster’s skill in Forge is on full display, as they have created visual effects to make up where Forge Mode lacks with an incredible attention to detail.

Red Nomster has even managed to add in a little blue light for Navi, to guide the player through the showcase and give them quests. I especially appreciated the part of Navi’s quest that involved finding the “Kokiri Sword,” which Red Nomster simulated with an Energy Sword, my favorite weapon in Halo.

Seriously, I highly recommend watching Red Nomster’s take on Kokiri Forest in Halo Infinite. Hopefully, someday, they decide to release this map to the public. Also, be sure to check out their other videos here.

What do you think? Do you like Red Nomster’s take on Kokiri Forest? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Red Nomster

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