For those not aware, Xenoblade is a critically acclaimed JRPG for the Wii that will be hitting Europe in a few months, but has not been confirmed or announced to be coming state side. It may or may not be as good as The Last Story (another highly praised JRPG), but the point is that Xenoblade will have an English version in existence, meaning that deciding to not release it in the United States doesn’t make any sense. Seriously, you can always release very limited quantities if your worried about sales, and then increase the shipments if demand warrants it.

Nintendo, everyone keeps telling you to just do it already… so please give us this good JRPG. It’s not like you have much else on the Wii slate outside of Kirby and Skyward Sword. To our European fans, you can look forward to this game at your local stores in September.

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