Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Game Informer’s newest issue has given fans more intimate details about Breath of the Wild‘s world—and its horse stables. The name of a stable, what Link can do, and who he may interact with at various stables, plus more information about the game’s horses were revealed in the issue.

– Game Informer’s demo starts at Serenne Stable
– Yammo runs this place
– Link can rest in bed and restore health here
– Stable also lets you store horses, meet with merchants, NPCs
– Stables are located throughout the world
– Each one is run by a distinct character
– You can spend rupees on a more expensive bed, giving you an extra heart the next morning
– These hearts are yellow and can’t be recovered if you’re hit in combat
– Affection/loyalty important with horses
– Feed and take care of horses to raise their stats
– Can call horses over to you, but horses need to be within a certain proximity to be called
– Horses can be killed by enemies

Source: Nintendo Everything

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