With the new year almost upon us, the countdown to Hyrule Warriors Legends‘ release in March is quickly coming to a close. Koei Tecmo recently updated their website to include tons of screenshots from the game, some old, some new. These screenshots show off the 3DS title’s new modes, settings, items, and characters in action.

While we’ve seen some of these screenshots before already, a lot of them offer new glimpses of the 3DS game releasing on March 25th. We can see some of the new characters in action, such as Tetra, Skull Kid, Linkle, and the King of Hyrule. We also get a better look at the game’s new My Fairy mode, in which players can befriend and utilize fairy companions. As well, new items to be included in the game are shown off, such as the Golden Ocarina that teleports players between Owl Statues scattered around the maps.

What do you notice in these screenshots? What are you most excited about in Hyrule Warriors Legends? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Koei Tecmo (via Nintendo Everything)

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