We’re certainly not far off from Cadence of Hyrule‘s June 13th release date, but that fact hasn’t stopped Nintendo from sharing a new batch of screenshots from the game. These screenshots show off more of the areas we saw in Cadence‘s latest trailer, including a field area, a swamp area, and a seaside area. We even receive another look at the game’s cheekily named Gohmaracas boss fight!

The new screenshots also reveal a few aspects of Cadence of Hyrule that have not yet been shown in trailers. Perhaps most significant is an image of a Wizzrobe-type boss fight (I can only guess what pun-worthy name this flute-toting baddie will have), as well as an image of the returning shopkeeper from Crypt of the NecroDancer. The final cherries on the top of this screenshot sundae are looks at the game’s map and inventory screens.

Cadence of Hyrule will release on June 13th.

Are you glad to get one last taste of Cadence of Hyrule before it releases tomorrow? Share your thoughts with us down below!

Source: Nintendo

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