Yes, it looks fantastic. No, the Wii can’t do this. Yes, it’s from the Dolphin Emulator. Does this mean the game is available in the dark corners of the internet? Sure is, but playing it this way is not going to help the cause in terms of convincing Nintendo of America to give us the title. However, this 720p video does give me comfort in the idea of Xenoblade, among other games, being a Wii U Launch title. Sure, it wouldn’t be a “great” showing of what the Wii U can really do, but at least it’s a good way for Nintendo to kick off it’s library. Nintendo, you see this video? Looks great, so make it happen. Better yet, just give us the games this holiday. We in no way endorse or support emulation as a means to gaming, but NoA is almost forcing our hands. If you want to help Xenoblade, The Last Story, and a slew of other games make it to the states, check out Operation Rainfall.

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