International release or bust! In response to Nintendo’s silence on the subject of a worldwide edition of Mistwalker’s The Last Story, which Nintendo is helping to publish in Japan, someone’s started a petition on that very subject. While it’s kind of a standing tradition among petitions that they don’t actually directly accomplish anything, if we the Internet communities of the West make enough noise on the subject, surely that will draw some attention? Follow the link below if you want to make a difference. As of the writing of this interview, there have been 8,123 signatures so far.

Sign here: Petition for the Worldwide Release of The Last Story

We haven’t seen too many Wii-exclusive RPGs of this caliber outside of last year’s Monster Hunter Tri, and with this being one of the most freaking gorgeous and highly-anticipated games on the console we can’t imagine not being able to experience it for ourselves. (And let’s not forget Nintendo’s own Monado: Beginning of the World, which is trapped in a similar limbo…) I can’t help feeling that Nintendo’s reluctance to bring its console RPGs worldwide goes against its philosophy that the Wii should have games for everybody. We’re counting on you to live up to your promises, Nintendo.


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