As with most new game trailers, it didn’t take long for the Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer that came along with Square-Enix’s recent press event to make it on Youtube. This new trailer shows off gameplay, bits of the story (all in Japanese of course), and of course footage of gameplay environments…

all of which it looks like we’ve seen before

Update: Including a world inspired by Hunchback of Notre Dame! The trailer’s below:

Anyone else sick of Traverse Town? What about fighting Xehanort’s Heartless? And I’m pretty pissed that they somehow found a way to bring back Xemnas, too. The PlayStation games get all the

new worlds, interesting bosses, and interesting storylines. (Yes, I know S-E has promised new worlds in this game, but they haven’t shown them yet, have they?)

At least now the 3DS offers shiny graphics and 3D stereoscopic projection. Huzzah.

Still, the gameplay looks pretty slick. Digging back to E3 2010, it seems the inspiration for the “drop” and “distance” lines came from the 3D technology’s potential for awesome effects when falling from tall heights or soaring long distances. I guess in dreams even RPG characters can do things they couldn’t pull off in real life? Either that or Nomura’s developed a newfound obsession with free-running. No, it’s definitely the 3D tech.

Thanks to our followers for tipping us off to the Hunchback tidbit!

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