Official Art for the “Songs of Zelda” Kickstarter by Feri Gonzales

If you’re a fan of quality video game music and aren’t familiar with the name “Eimear Noone”, you should be. Whether you’ve listened to the soundtrack of World of Warcraft (for which she composed) or the Zelda Symphony 25th Anniversary CD, seen her conduct for Symphony of the Goddesses, Video Games Live, or even in The Dublin International Game Music Festival (iDIG Music Fest) she created, you’ve been exposed to her incredible musical skill and passion for video game music.

Despite the wide breadth of her musical involvements, Noone has returned yet again to The Legend of Zelda in order to unite her passions for the iconic video game franchise and her Irish heritage which she holds closely to her heart – a winning combination, according to the hundreds of backers supporting her latest endeavor: “Songs of Zelda: A Link to the Celts“.

Inspired by the work done by artists from the DIT Irish Tradition Music Ensemble during the iDIG Music Fest, Noone saw the potential for a truly spectacular combination and set up a Kickstarter to make it happen. Having already passed its $30,000 funding goal, we can expect to see Noone’s dream become reality next year, just in time for the 30th anniversary of our beloved series. We were thrilled to see it reach this milestone and were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ask Noone some questions about her Kickstarter, the CD, and more. Check out the full interview below!

Zelda Informer: You’ve dealt with a wide array of video game music, from Zelda, to World of Warcraft, to Diablo, to many more through Video Games Live. What has drawn you back to Zelda?

Eimear Noone: I think it’s a very deep childhood connection that I can’t quite fathom. Koji Kondo’s themes are part of that childhood in a very visceral way.

ZI: How is going into this project different from getting involved with Symphony of the Goddesses?

EN: This project is a completely different instrumentation and style of arranging that feels very organically conducive to both the world of Hyrule and indeed, legend itself.

ZI: A big part of Symphony of the Goddesses is the theatrical experience; watching the scenes from the games alongside the music one remembers from playing them really draws them back. How do you hope Songs of Zelda: A Link to the Celts will make players reflect on their experiences with the series?

EN: I think that Zelda fans all have a very personal relationship with the franchise, and it’s exciting to have Kondo-san’s themes ignite a personal experience in each listener rather than have someone else’s experience superimposed upon it. Let your imagination fly!

ZI: Can we expect Zelda tunes from all over the series? Or will they primarily draw from those games with the most clear Irish influences?

EN: Basically, we’re continuing with the spontaneity that spawned this entire project and will dive into whichever themes really speak loudest to the players and arrangers.

ZI: Zelda fans seem rather excited about this project, but what about fans of Irish music? Do you anticipate that Irish music aficionados will be introduced to the Zelda series through this work?

EN: YES! This project is being created in the spirit of collaboration and sharing. The Legend of Zelda has some great “tunes,” and the Irish traditional music audience loves a good tune!

ZI: You note that this CD is set to release in 2016, perfectly in time with the 30th anniversary of the beloved franchise. How would you like to see this anniversary celebrated officially, with fans, or otherwise?

EN: Officially, I would love to see something that enabled the creativity of the Zelda fan community. I’m not sure how that would look but something that was inclusive rather than exclusive that honored the loyalty of a passionate worldwide fanbase for thirty years of love and support.

ZI: Zelda fans are, more than anything, eagerly awaiting the next official release in the franchise, Zelda U. What are your hopes for this title, as both a professional musician and a fan of the series?

EN: I’m a huge fan of game art and animation, so I’m excited to see some beautiful graphics. As for the music: more is definitely MORE!

ZI: With this project fully funded – and still young! – do you have any plans for stretch goals that will expand the project?

EN: Yes, we all feel so honored by our fellow Zelda fans in enabling us to make this happen that we’re going to come up with some very creative stretch goals. We want to give the Legend of Zelda community as much as we can. Firstly, we’re inviting some celebrity guest Video Game Music (VGM) artists to perform on the album so far we’ve announced Tommy Tallarico and Jillian Aversa, so I can let you in on that much! In that spirit of inclusion, we’re also planning to have a live feed with live chat from the recording sessions. These are the first two stretch goals, and if we make it there, I have a couple of extra special things left up my sleeve!

ZI: If you could select one Zelda game’s soundtrack as your favorite, which would it be? Your least favorite? Why?

EN: Twilight Princess is one of my favorites. The themes, as things of absolute beauty, have really stuck with me and Twilight Princess is a special game for me personally. As for my least favorite: that’s like asking me which one of my children I love the least! IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Thanks again to Noone for taking the time to answer some of our questions. To become an official backer for this Kickstarter, make sure to check out the project’s page here, and hurry: there’s only just over a week left to support it!

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