Many of us fans boast about our skills at playing Zelda, especially in regards to the classic, Ocarina of Time. I know I’m not wrong when I say that quite a number of us fans have, in passing, said something along the lines of “Ocarina of Time… I can beat that with my eyes closed.” Obviously that’s an overexaggeration, one very few of us would be game enough to actually attempt; however, nineteen year old Jordan is doing exactly that.

Well, okay, he’s not necessarily playing it through with his eyes closed, but I failed to mention that Jordan has been blind since birth. Whether his eyes are open or closed is irrelevant. With the help of some members of the YouTube community, Jordan is progressing through Ocarina of Time using very specific audio directions. From watching some of his gameplay, I admire his effort greatly. It would easily become frustrating with only a slight mistake in the instructions, or in following them, leaving him lost. You can watch his beginning gameplay below.

We here at ZeldaInformer are behind you Jordan and wish you luck in this endeavor. It is truly inspirational, and I hope that those of you in similar situations can get some encouragement from Jordan. He himself says “Have faith in yourself, and never stop believing that you will succeed. As long as you follow that simple rule, you’ll find you can do just about anything. Take a look at my accomplishments and see the truth in this statement for yourself!”

You can stay up to date with Jordan’s progress via his YouTube Channel.

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