Nothing is more frustrating than when fans claim to not see a noticeable difference between Standard Definition and High Definition. It’s extremely frustrating, because the picture clarity is so superior that it’s baffling to think some people can’t even tell the difference. Above you’ll notice a massive difference. For starters, The Wind Waker was not designed to run in widescreen. If you throw it in your Wii, it will run at 4:3. That’s one improvement that while not directly related to HD, was definitely something the HD era ushered in.

Yes, the Wii has widescreen support – and it’s ironic that they do since Widescreen TVs did not become popular until HD. Widescreen and HD has practically always gone hand in hand. Other differences? It’s obvious: Picture clarity. You cannot honestly tell me these two images are = to eachother. HD doesn’t change the graphic styling of anything, but it DOES make the picture quality so much better. Does this make The Wind Waker a better game? Of course not, but it certainly makes it a more visually pleasing experience. It really shows just how amazing it’s graphic styling really is. You may not care about graphics, but does it hurt to have then in HD? Why not have them in HD if you can? Sorry folks, but with the Wii U on the horizon standard definition is dying out in gaming.




Maybe I am truly just at odds against over half of our viewer base, but yes… I want HD. These comparison screenshots are the only argument I need.

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