Yosuke Hayashi is the current leader of the Koei Tecmo development studio Team Ninja; the company that, alongside Omega Force (another KT subsidiary) and Nintendo, produced Hyrule Warriors. Each one had a role in the making of the game and became known when Hayashi participated in this month’s Official Nintendo Magazine. According to him:

“Omega Force were kind enough to create the basic Dynasty Warriors style gameplay, Team Ninja made the one-on one and boss battles sections for us, and Nintendo gave us the understanding required for the Zelda series. As we were using the Zelda IP, Nintendo did detailed checks at the beginning of development, but what really stood out from a developmental perspective was Nintendo’s constant encouragement to take a freer approach in the creation process.” — Yosuke Hayashi

The fact that these three studios worked together to build the game may mean that now we’ll have more collaborations for the Zelda series and maybe the dynamics for TLOZ are changing. That being said, what are your thoughts about this? Share them with us in the comments section below!

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

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