Haunted Majora’s Mask ARG Continues

Haunted Majora's MaskMany of you may remember that a while back someone came forward with what he claimed to be a Majora’s Mask cartridge that was haunted by the spirit of a drowned boy named BEN. Since the initial writings and videos from Youtube user Jadusable, we’ve learned that it was faked.

What we never reported on though, was that the writer, who had decided to break character, was creating an elaborate alternate reality game, or ARG. The game began with tons of clues from the writings and videos about BEN, and since then he has been dropping ciphered text and binary to give out hints and clues to solve the puzzles he presents.

The latest developments in the game’s story were a new sort of quest hub website opening called Within Hubris. The forum there has several moderators who help the game along and yes it’s all still very creepy.

This trailer for the upcoming playable game filled with clues to the story, was posted on Jadusable’s channel just a couple of hours ago.

For those you interested in joining the game, head over to YouShouldntHaveDoneThat.net and The Jadusable Wiki to catch up on the various story arcs that have happened so far.

Another recent development was Jadusable’s out-of-character interview with some of the people playing the game. He answered a lot of questions and the full text can be seen here. One of the questions was asking why Jadusable had used Majora’s Mask for the initial creepy setting of the game. Here’s what they had to say:

santasevilhelper: Do you think a creepypasta like this would work with anyother game?
JadusableH: @Santasevilhelper – Yes, Majora’s Mask is interchangable with more than a dozen other games I could have used, but it was a personal favorite of mine. The story could have worked with almost any game.

As a Zelda fan I can certainly understand why this game works so well. There’s tons of symbolism that can be used as clues. Items, characters and actions from the game could all be given as clues. In fact, songs from the game were used by players as replies to Youtube videos to initiate certain events in the ARG. Someone who replied to a video with the song of time essentially started the game over to allow the players to gather more clues and try things differently.

I deeply respect the amount of work that has gone into the making of this ARG. I myself am not playing the game, but I’m curious to know which of our Zelda Dungeoneers is playing; let me know if you’re playing the game in the comments below. For the rest of you, let us know what you think of the game so far, and check out all the websites for updates to the game including the video below for a bare-bones summary of what has happened during the game so far.

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