Happy Birthday Nintendo!


Today is Nintendo’s 121’s birthday! For most people however, Nintendo is only a game producing company and as such most people only recall it that way. However, what most people don’t know is that Nintendo started off as a card company, making playing cards with various themes, including Popeye the Sailor Man. At one point a young game designer in the company was tasked to create an arcade game which will require Popeye to save Olive from Bluto, who would try to stop Popeye by throwing obstacles at him. Popeye would have his famous spinach which would help him conquer any challenge and save his beloved anorexic girlfriend.

However, unknowingly to that designer, Nintendo didn’t have the license to publish a game like that any more and he was required to change it in the last minute. Bluto became an overgrown monkey, Olive became a princess and Popeye became the most famous interactive entertainment character known to man today.

Fate does weird stuff sometimes, and we are very curious where Nintendo will take us now with their next big revolution – the Nintendo 3DS. So we all together wish Nintendo a happy birthday, and at least another 120 years of bringing joy to people all over the world. And beating their dead horses.

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