Today, the Zelda Wiki celebrates its sixth birthday online! Originally founded back on April 23rd of 2005 as the Zelda Universe Wiki, the site has expanded to become one of the most popular Zelda websites in the community. In September of 2006, the then Zelda Universe Wiki underwent a significant change, breaking from its home site of Zelda Universe and becoming a community run Wiki by several Legend of Zelda websites. Zelda Dungeon was one of the sites that jumped on board almost immediately in September 2006, and while the road had its bumps, we’re proud to be the longest running Zelda website left that joined after its expansion. The site now serves as the encyclopedia for 11 different Zelda websites and its index page has surpassed the 12milllion hit mark. Just a few months ago the Skyward Sword page cracked the million hit mark and has since soared to almost 1.4 million.

The Zelda Wiki is not just a massive encyclopedia of Zelda information, but for us here at Zelda Dungeon and around the Zelda community, it has fundamentally changed the content at our websites. Prior to Zelda Wiki and other similar Wiki’s, Zelda encyclopedic information was spread all across the internet. If you wanted specific information about a particular enemy, location, item, or character in the Zelda series, you’d have to dig through various content pages at a whole variety of different websites… and in the end, you might have not even found what you were looking for. Now that process has been simplified and with a quick search on Zelda Wiki, you pretty much have exactly what you are looking for.

However, there has been a notable adverse effect that Legend of Zelda sites, including Zelda Dungeon, have suffered from. Here at the site we’ve long since provided guides and walkthroughs, but we also provide information pages. Pages listing all the characters, enemies, or items found in a game. These pages, for lack of a better word, became obsolete in their old presentation style, as Zelda Wiki provided this same content but it was more accessible, more up to date, and it simply was better. Thus you see today, many Zelda sites around the net simply don’t provide this type of information anymore, or rather, have old-outdated content serving as static pages.

At Zelda Dungeon, we’ve suffered from this adverse effect and are guilty of having old content pages sitting around collecting dust. We’ve had to make changes and while pages such as our A Link to the Past Items can still hold up, there just is no reason to visit these types of pages when the content is much better and more easily accessible at Zelda Wiki. Statistics on these information pages here at Zelda Dungeon are right there in front of us and they just aren’t getting the proportional views that they were getting 5-6 years ago.

Now, none of this is really a bad thing at all. For the viewer, content has become so much more accessible and the material has become that much better. For more classical Zelda websites, they have had to evolve. Many sites have disappeared off the net, some sites have changed their focus, and other sites have just adapted their content to fit new demands. Here at Zelda Dungeon we’ve updated many of these content sections over the years, but we acknowledge the changing demands of such material, and we have plenty of plans and goals in mind to further this in the future.

So with that, a big Happy Birthday to Zelda Wiki. Good luck heading into its 7th year, perhaps the most active year in the Zelda community since its inception. So while the Zelda series as a whole is celebrating 25 years, the Zelda Wiki has now been around for 6 of those years. Happy Birthday!

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