halo_spartans Kyle Hefley from 343 Industries has shared with the gaming community his adaptation of a realistic looking adult Link. He is presented as middle aged and experienced, with his attire being that of Twilight Princess Link (personally my favourite version of Link). However that seems to be where the similarities end, the green tunic and fairy seem to be the biggest clue that this is indeed Link. If I were shown this design without the tunic or fairy present I would find it difficult to recognize him. Hefley has done a fine job and I like that he has attempted to capture the Zelda spirit, but the design just does not have that Legend of Zelda feel for me personally.
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link model no colour

link model colour

Although I did not feel that this art was styled like Zelda I still appreciate it. Hefley has done a great job of showing his interpretation of the hero and it looks quite nice, but it does not feel like a Link for me. I would be very interested to see him make another in attempts to capture the artistic style of a Zelda game and I feel that he is fully capable of it.

What did you think of the design, was it too different to the Link we know or are you happy with Hefley’s adaptation of the beloved hero? Drop a comment below sharing your opinion.

Source: My Nintendo News

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