So outside of the fact that this case needs a big injection of Ace Attorney, it’s overly hilarious because throughout the entire 13 minutes piracy isn’t even talked about once. Keep in mind that these court shows are not fake – they do often take on rather idiotic cases mostly because that is what is entertaining, but it’s a tad funny that piracy is never mentioned despite the guy, at one point, admits the chip is to play games free. He goes from cheap (3$) to free in a matter of minutes, but it gets ignored. I am not sure what the actual law is on mod chips (it’s not illegal to mod your property anyway you like, some have modded their wii’s to output in 720p as an example), but something tells me the moment it is mentioned the point of this chip is to get something that is clearly illegal, the case is thrown out.

Still, even all that isn’t why this is entertaining. From the broken english, the magical hair, and I’m not sure where they got the crowd from but they look like a giant group of doped up teenagers. This is an instant classic, and I am proud to say I actually saw this on TV first hand. What I am doing watching people’s court is another story.

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