Quest_Story-220x131Bertil Hörberg, an indie developer who gained significant attention as the man behind the Mega Man-inspired side-scrolling shooter Gunman Clive, has cancelled a top-down adventure game that would have borrowed heavily from Nintendo’s Zelda series. He will instead focus his attention on bringing the recently announced Gunman Clive 2 to the 3DS eShop and mobile platforms. Follow the jump for more information on the abandoned project. 

Hörberg announced the cancellation in a recent interview with Nintendo Life, saying he had dropped the project due to a lack of motivation and dissatisfaction with how the game was turning out:

“It still had lot of unsolved technical issues as well as a lot of game design choices left undecided well into the project. I eventually decided to cancel it and started working on Gunman Clive 2 instead as I felt I needed to do something that I knew I would actually be able to finish.”

The unnamed top-down adventure featured many similarities to early Zelda titles, particular the first one. In my preview of the game back in August 2013, I examined a series of .gif videos that showed a hero running through a dark dungeon and open field, jumping over lava pits and slashing at malevolent skeletons. Overall, it looked like it had the makings of a compelling homage to one of the most celebrated franchises in gaming.

With its diverse gameplay mechanics, unique visual style, catchy music and snappy level design, Gunman Clive was one of my favorite indie games of 2013. Although it would have been exciting to see its developer create a game in the same style as Zelda, Gunman Clive 2 will hopefully make up for the project’s cancellation. The trailer posted below shows that it has already taken the original game’s simple concept to a whole new level.

Do you think Hörberg made the right choice by cancelling his Zelda-inspired project? Are you a Gunman Clive fan who eagerly looks forward to the indie hit’s sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo Life

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