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Well how about that? Guitar Hero isn’t dead, as it appears Wii U is here to help bring the series back from the abyss. Pachter usually has unpopular opinions with Nintendo fans, and he’s at it again in saying he doesn’t think Wii U is going to sell that well. He has really nothing but great things to say about the console, but he seems to subscribe to the boat that Nintendo’s Wii U is just a catch up console, and will fall behind the competition yet again. Who knows, but it should be exciting, and when you hear things like Darksiders 2 will be a launch title and now that Wii U is resurrecting Guitar Hero… you can’t help but think Nintendo is going in the right direction. Nintendo is always good at proving people wrong, and since it’s the only console out there with the tablet style controller… it may do just enough. Considering a ton of people love tablets, this may catch on faster than people think. Does it have the longevity? That will be determined in time.

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