“Midna’s Lament” is one of the Zelda series’ most emotionally powerful tunes. While we traditionally hear the song performed with piano and strings, fans occasionally find creative ways to cover the tune with other instruments. One such cover was recently released by YouTube musicians, New Game Plus, who fantastically performed “Midna’s Lament” with an acoustic guitar and a marimba.

Canadian musical group, New Game Plus, brings a creative twist to the beautiful and somber “Midna’s Lament.” I was curious to see how well a marimba could capture the emotion of the song, and I’m happy to hear that it did so extremely well. The guitar and marimba seamlessly trade melodies as the song goes on, adding a really cool and unique dynamic to the tune. I am definitely looking forward to other Zelda covers by these musicians.

You can visit New Game Plus’ YouTube channel for more gaming covers, including a massive Smash Bros. medley.

What did you think of the cover? Are there other Zelda songs you’d like to see these musicians perform? Share your thoughts with us!

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