One of the best things about modding is getting everything or anyone you want in a video game. We’ve seen some amazing mod skills lately, with things like Zelda mods being added into Fallout 4. And speaking of Zelda, one such modder has decided to add someone you completely wouldn’t expect to Breath of the Wild.

WilianZilv is a mod creator who has just added Carl Johnson from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to Breath of the Wild. This isn’t the first mod they’ve done for this game either, as they also added a few other items to the game as well. Their work includes mods adding Steve from Minecraft, Zero Punctuation’s “Master Race” face as a shield, and Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey (including the signature Mario mustache).

What do you think of this Breath of the Wild mod? Will you be checking out any more of WilianZilv’s work? Let us know in the comments below!

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