Don’t you hate it when people get your name wrong or mix you up with someone else? Well this is something that the main protagonist of the Zelda series, Link, probably goes through every day of his life. He most likely just has to ignore this and go on his merry way, but one particular fan recently took this never-ending incorrect name-style nightmare too far and bashed it over our hero’s head.

Today’s fan animation comes to us from Alon Dan and features LinkĀ taking a break from his journey for a bit to play “Best Game III.” However, some random citizen of Hyrule starts yelling at him, calling for “Zelda”. He snaps back, saying he isn’t Zelda, but out of nowhere, Luigi pops up and calls him Zelda too. Angry, Link snaps back, saying, “Shut Up, Green Mario!”

What do you think of this fan animation? Will you check out any more of Alon Dan’s work? Has anyone ever gotten your name mixed up or wrong? Let us know in the comments below!

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