Spirit Tracks ScreenshotWhenever a new Zelda title is announced, we’re all overflowing with questions. As the release date slowly approaches and new information is revealed, we get even more. What’s up with Link? What’s the deal with Zelda? Whose ominous looking castle is that? Luckily for us, we have a chance to have some of these answered. Some lucky bastard named Fred Dutton from UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine had a chance to play Spirit Track’s in its entirety, and is now taking questions regarding just what the hell he experienced. The article says “Ask us anything about Link’s latest adventure,” but only certain questions will be answered—you know, the comparatively less juicy ones. In any case, please hit up the thread on their forums and try to get something out of the guy.

Here’s to hoping we get something similar for Zelda Wii.

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