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Got Some Extra Time? Let Us Know!

Uncle SamIf you remember a while back, we made a news post about needed positions here at Zelda Dungeon, and we had great success with it! However, we are again in need of new people for new and old positions. Some of the new job positions include: Media Coordinator, Youtube Video Provider, Game Content Writer, and News Coordinator.

When you are applying, what we’re looking for is information that pertains to the job you’re applying for. However, it is helpful to give us some extra information on who you are, what types of things you enjoy doing, and why you want to join the staff and be a part of our community. The most important thing for your job position is information and examples of experience you have with the particular position.

Another thing that will help us get an idea of who you are, is if you are already a member of our forum community. This already lets us know that you’re a fan of our community and are already contributing. However, it also lets us know that we can read through your posts and get an idea of how good of a poster you are. So if you are looking to get a position here at the site, joining the forums and getting involved with the community is a quick way to get started.

My final advice is to treat this like a real job. I’m not going to expect you to fill your application in as if was a resume, but having resume traits helps a lot! It shows you’re serious about helping out, and it allows us to read quickly through your application while getting all the information that we need.

If you’re interested in applying you can Click Here to check out the various positions that we are in need of. You can then scroll to the bottom and click the link that takes you to our contact form. I highly recommend typing your application in a word processor, and then copying and pasting it. Warning: Make sure you change the category field to “Staff Applications”.

Thank you for all your submissions and good luck!

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