The Zelda series has quite a large number of main-series games, with Zelda Wii U being the 18th. The series is certainly a grand one, with a great many adventures to choose from for someone not yet familiar with every title, but what about for a first-time player? With people of all different ages among the fandom, each game in a different time of release can be called the first to be played by someone, but perhaps some are more influential than others, in terms of making people want to play more. Which would be best, and why? Join the discussion after the jump!

downloadPerhaps the better question is: which title best shows off what the series is all about? One could say that playing the original, either on an NES or Virtual Console, is thew obvious choice, but to many modern players, it may be a bit much to throw them into a great game with some, albeit, dated elements. Others would lean towards the, likely, prime candidate of the series, Ocarina of Time, as would I. Picking up the 3DS remake with honestly give players a great intro to a great series. While countless people have called it not only the best Zelda game, but even the best game ever, it is certainly a great choice, and has the Zelda formula down packed.

The_Legend_of_Zelda_A_Link_to_the_Past_SNES_Game_CoverSome people may say to go back further back, to A Link to the Past. For people who miss the days of top-down Zeldas, this is often the series favorite. It, like Ocarina of Time, covers the basics of Zelda, and offers a wonderful SNES experience, and is quite cheap on the eShop. Like before, the 3DS makes things easier, not only with Virtual Console, but with the spiritual successor to the 16-bit classic, A Link Between Worlds. I would like to say that this game, likely the most well-received Zelda in years, could well-introduce people to the series, but there are some elements of the plot that might require prior series knowledge. Really, though, like other games, it gives a backstory before quickly throwing youo into action, so maybe it could work.

There are loads of reasons why many other titles could introduce someone to the Zelda series. Skyward Sword is a very modern, polished game that actually starts off the series canon; Twilight Princess stays true to the series’ conventions while catering to today’s often mature gaming market; Majora’s Mask shows off the strange, yet appealing, nature of the series, and how each title has something special about it. There is really too much to say, so let’s hear from you guys! What Zelda game is best for introducing a newcomer to the Zelda series, and why? Oh, and do tell: which game was your first? Leave a comment!

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