RacesZelda Wii U is getting to be a bigger and bigger source of discussion the closer we get to this year’s E3, and for good reason. It stands as a major poont for Nintendo’s presence at the conference, and we can undoubtedly expect trailers, screenshots and game details come the press conference/digital event. We will finally learn the in’s and out’s of this prolific new title, including what kinds of creatures will be seen in it. Many new Zelda games have made a point of adding a new race or two to the already large number of creatures in the series, and Zelda Wii U will likely do the same, so what kinds of creatures/tribe can we expect?

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Gerudo's_FortressSomething that should be noted is that Nintendo has made a point of creating races respective to each general “element” regarded in the various games. Gorons to fire, Zoras/Parella to water, Dekus/Kokiris/Kikwis to forests, Gerudo to dessert, etc. There is, of course, room for more variations and new creatures entirely for all the old themes. Fire only has the Gorons, for example (unless you count the Mogmas, I guess). And that seems to be the direction Nintendo most often goes. Rather than make new “types” of beigns, they make new creatures associated with the same old types of locales. This could make one wonder if every conceivable “theme”, often associated with dungeons in areas reflecting it, has been covered when it comes to races. Personally, though, I think there are a number of other types of areas or climates that could use an associated race of creatures. Poisonous swamps and bogs could feature sentient/intelligent plant monsters, starkly different from the Dekus or Kikwis – ones with a feeling of discomfort and fear associated with their mysterious nature. Non-volcanic mountain regions also haven’t been touched on much. Gorons and Rito are featured on volcanoes in existing games, but I could see something like a wolf-like or goat-like tribe ruling over extremely treacherous, non-volcanic mountain-tops, respecting those able to conquer their mountain ranges. How about a race that has adapted to a high-land area with a large frequency of storms? I could see non-fury, short, quadrupedal creatures (evolved to avoid lightning strikes) residing in this type of area, and their home could be a place where Link must be careful when traversing it so as not to be struck by the storms. The creatures could be high-energy ruffians that like to see you fail, and you could be forced to show them how good you really are to be let into the next dungeon. Not too long ago, I actually talked about my wish for a space-themed dungeon to be added to the series. Aliens of some sort could even be used for a place like this. There are actually a lot of unused area types, and therefor many races, that Nintendo could still feature in Zelda Wii U, should they put these places in the new Hyrule. With such a large-scale open world, why not try some of them out?

Goron_sumo_TPNow, I really think that if there are not some new races added, then offshoots of current races would be an acceptable alternative. Tribes like the Gerudo, Sheikah, and Lokomos are all really just different kinds of humans/Hylians that adapted to a certain region, or changed in some way due to historical circumstance. If we saw this kind of thing with other creatures, it could be very interesting, as it would show cultural devides and diversity among races like the Zoras, Gorons, and other intelligent beings in Hyrule and beyond. Things like this could also come of evolution and racial cross-breeding. The evolution of the Zoras into the Rito obviously did not happen overnight, so seeing gradual changes in a race leading to a major change in their overall lifestyles could give us more insight as to how they lived before, and how they deal with major changes. As for cross-breeding, this is pretty self explanatory. If the various Hyrulian creatures began having offspring, the results could be either really bad, or rather progressive. Either way, it would be fascinating, as it could lead to drastic shifts in each respective race, or the creation of brand new races. Zelda Wii U, depending on when it takes place on the timeline, might feature this type of occurrence, making way for new creatures, or possibly even showing the origins of existing races.

What do you guys think? Will we see the same old creatures in the newest iteration of Hyrule, or will there be a number of new creatures to see and interact with? What kinds of beings might they be? Drop a comment below!

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