22 MooshSo far we have seen that Link has access to a horse in Zelda U—presumably Epona—and can ride across an open field freely. As of now, we haven’t seen any other potential methods of transport; the footage we have seen is so minimal that the lack of information doesn’t matter because the possibilities for the game are, for the moment, endless.

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Even if Epona is the only way for Link to move around quickly in Zelda U, there will obviously be more Zelda titles in the future. Not every one of Link’s adventures feature his trusty steed, and sometimes, like in the case of Twilight Princess, Link himself is the steed for a large portion of the game. In the past we have seen so much more than just Epona: rafts, giant birds, flying bears, broomsticks, an ocarina with the power of wind and even a boxing kangaroo. Clearly, Nintendo and Link are not limited to using orthodox means of transportation. Even our train had cannons and could go underwater, one boat was actually an ancient king and the other boat would leap out of the ocean on command!

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If you thought Nintendo would feature a traditional form of transportation, that seems to not be the case. If Nintendo can come up with all the ideas above and successfully implement them, nobody knows what could come next. What do you think is likely to pop up in the future Zelda games, or do you think Nintendo will simply reuse the material they already have? Let us know in the comments!

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