Hyrule-Warriors-Legends-MedliIn close to two months, we’ll be getting a much-anticipated E3, and boy does Nintendo seem to be leading up to an impressive showing. They appear to be making big plans for Zelda specifically, celebrating the 30th anniversary properly, and talking about all the things we’ve been waiting for – Zelda Wii U, new merchandise, and of course, more Hyrule Warriors DLC. The official Hyrule Warriors site has a full list of upcoming downloadable content packs, as well as hints as to what we will see from them, including new weapons and new characters. It can be assumed that at least one of the new packs will be revealed at E3, so what do you think will be revealed? What new characters will be added, and what kinds of weapons will be wielded?

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lahThe first of the currently unannounced DLC to be released will be the Link’s Awakening Pack, coming out this Summer. Now, as of recently, we know not only that Marin will be the upcoming fighter, but that her weapon will be what is rumored to be the Sea Lily’s Bell, one of the Eight Instruments of the Sirens. It is a bell of some sort, to be clear, and I think it will operate in a similar way to Harp, using waves connected to music or sound to attack enemies. One may also assume that, if the bell is indeed one of the Instruments of the Sirens, its special moves will involve the Wind Fish in some way. That, and maybe the other instruments will appear in some manner. As for the other part of the Pack, Linkle’s new weapon, I can honestly say that I have no idea what to expect, and really, I’m glad that that is the case. I am almost sick of being able to predict what will come of the new DLC, what with it involving existing characters. Don’t get me wrong. I certainly don’t guess most new additions to the game, and I love returning series characters, but Linkle is great in that we do not know her. A new character to the series has added a refreshing level of mystery to new DLC, and I like that.

hqdefaultNext up, releasing in the Fall, will be the Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack, coming with a new character, and a new weapon for Toon Link. Starting with the slightly easier one, the weapon, I will guess that it will be something from Spirit Tracks, as all the interesting weapons from Phantom Hourglass are already in Hyrule Warriors in some manner. That basically leave the Sand Wand and the Whip. Nothing else stands out, and these, especially the Sand Wand, present some really cool possibilities. Now, the character is an interesting subject, since I imagine they will be from Phantom Hourglass, what with the item likely being from Spirit Tracks. That leaves only leaves one major candidate in my eyes: Linebeck. I can imagine himbeing added, since people generally liked him, and his ship could present itself as a viable weapon (The King of Hyrule uses a sail, right?). There is also a chance his Phantom form at the end of the game could act as some form of special attack.

tumblr_nct5bePpeR1qfs9zoo7_1280Finally, the REALLY interesting one: the A Link Between Worlds Pack, coming this Winter. As one of my favorite recent series titles, this one gets me excited, especially with TWO new fighters. Now, Nintendo could be real cheeky and add the Old Man running the Shadow Battles, as he’s pretty stinkin’ spry, but I think they’re past silly additions like that in this Pack. No, to me, there are only three choices here: Ravio, Yuga, and (*squeeeee*) Hilda. Ravio was something of a joke the whole way through the game, but I think the developers could have him fighting off baddies with his sack of rupees in this Pack. In fact, of the three options, I can almost guarantee he will be in it. Unfortunately, as a big fan of the best new princess in the series, I really feel like Hilda will be passed up in favor of Yuga. Don’t get me wrong, I best Yuga would be sweet, with awesome possibilities through the use of his magic, but I would like Hilda to be used again at least once. She’s been used as a pallet swap for Zelda, though, so I bet she will not be returning. Still, get hyped for Ravio and Yuga.

Your turn, guys! There are certainly a number of possibilities here, with numerous new characters and weapons being added this year. Plus, maybe what the official site lists is not everything they will add. There is always room for new costumes, after all. We want to know what you guys think! So while I go cry in a corner, sadly longing for a The Minish Cap Pack to finally bring back the mighty Wind Mage, drop a comment below!

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