Hyrule_Warriors_Link_DL_ClothesIn theory I am not a huge fan of DLC, I mean, there is a certain cynical ‘it’s all about the money’ argument to be made against it. But in practice the idea of getting new content is pretty exciting. Right now there are four Hyrule Warriors DLC packs in the works – The Master Quest Pack available right now, a Twilight Princess Pack, a Majora’s Mask Pack, and a Boss pack. The last two at least are pretty light on details about what they contain. What do you want them to have in terms of characters, costumes, and maps? Hit the jump for the discussion.

The Twilight Princess Pack becomes available in November, and includes a new playable character, and a new map. But there aren’t any hints about what they might be. If I had to speculate, I would guess that the new character would be something like Midna’s true form or Wolf Link. Of course, that is pure speculation. Do you have a favourite Twilight Princess character who you would like to wreak havoc with?

The Majora’s Mask Pack opens up a whole new world of possibilities, that world being Termina. You can already call down the moon from Majora’s Mask but it might be interesting to play in Clock Town, or as Zora Link, or even Deku Link. Considering they made Agitha a playable character, maybe even the Happy Mask Salesman is a possibility.

Notably, there is not a Skyward Sword Pack in the works. It seems like an obvious choice to me considering you play in Skyloft and the sealed grounds. As far as characters are concerned, I would like to play as Groose. He was not the most likeable character in Skyward Sword, but he was one of the most memorable, and I would like to see what kind of attacks he would have.

I think it might be fun to play in Lorule and as Ravio. In A Link Between Worlds he already had all the weapons available for rent, so there’s no question that he could defend himself. So, what would you like to see? Would you like to play a Lorule DLC? More obscure characters and locations? Or as something completely off the wall like a playable Tingle or Beedle? Let us know in the comments.

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