Hi everyone and welcome to the latest edition of Gossip Stone! This time around we’re going to be focusing on Zelda U and how it should be played. We’ve got Wii U Pro Controllers, we have the Wii U Gamepad, and we have the Motion Controller and Nunchucks. Today we are going to be discussing which controller will be best suited to Zelda U. So without further ado everybody, I present to you today’s Gossip Stone!

So to start things off let’s talk about the Wii U Pro Controller. To be completely honest with you I believe that the Pro Controller is the most comfortable controller to use for long play sessions. It has a pretty standard design unlike the other two controllers and it’s battery life is incredible. Up to 80 hours on a full charge is ridiculous and it’s quite remarkable when compared to the Gamepad and it’s 4 hours of battery life. Most people can honestly say that the Pro controller is the preferred method for playing Wii U games and I agree to an extent. The design of the Pro controller sticks to what controllers generally are supposed to be and gamers appreciate that. Sometimes people don’t want to sit there swinging their arms around using motion controls, or sometimes they don’t want to hold a clunky tablet in their hands to play their games. People like what is traditional, it has stuck with them ever since they started playing games and because it is what they’re used to, it’s what they prefer to play with. 

Now let’s move onto the Wii U Gamepad, Nintendo’s latest controller innovation. The Gamepad is definitely one of the more unique controllers out there, that being because it has its own screen. This is both a good and a bad thing. The good thing is that with some games, you can seamlessly switch between your T.V screen and your Gamepad screen while playing. This allows you to play in a scenario where you might not be able to use your T.V for example if someone else was using it. ALL virtual console games can be played purely on the Gamepad as well as Wii games. The Gamepad has a sensor allowing you to point your Wii controller at it to play your old Wii games. The Gamepad also adds a bit of convenience to some games. In The Wind Waker HD you can have the menu on your Gamepad so you don’t have to pause the game every time you need to go to your items. Hyrule Warriors shows the health of your allies on the Gamepad and also shows your current objectives. The Gamepad does have its cons though. It is not a very comfortable controller for extended play time and also only has 4 hours of battery life which really isn’t that great. 

Finally let’s talk about motions controls. The Wiimote and nunchucks are probably my favourite ways to play Zelda, seriously. Most people didn’t like motion controls but I love them. honestly I hope this will be an option for Zelda U because I wouldn’t be able to have the same great experience without them. Motion controls are very unique ways to play video games. They can either work exceptionally well, or horrifyingly terrible. With the Wiimote I can say that they worked exceptionally well. Microsoft and Sony just can’t capture motion controls like Nintendo did. Sure the Wiimote might get its ups and downs but all it takes is a quick recalibrate and you’re set to go. First let’s go over the pros. The Wiimote is a great to play Zelda games because having the power to control Link’s sword as if you were holding it is a great feeling. Aiming with the bow is also much easier with the motion controls and this was also used on the 3DS. However it is not all good with the Wiimote. Every now and then the motion controls will stuff up and that can easily ruin your experience. It can be fixed by calibrating the controller, but it shouldn’t be that way.

So what do you guys think. It’s time for you to decide which way will be the best way to play Zelda U. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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