The apparent age groups targeted by each Zelda game seems to vary quite a bit throughout the series. Some are clearly meant for older people, while others take on a much more cheery and childish tone. While the latter style appears prodominant in the series, is it about time to up the maturity level and have a game meant only for older teens and adults? Or, should things stay as they are, and continue with the “E For Everyone” maturity level? Join the discussion after the jump!

UntitledTwilight Princess, if one recalls, was one of the biggest Zeldas ever released. When people saw it shown off at E3, it had one of the biggest reactions in the expo’s history. People finally had a gritty, teen-rated Zelda game that still had everything that a Zelda title should, but since it was of a higher age rating, also gave Nintendo the chance to show off some of their scarier ideas for the series, and it was awesome. That is one benefit of higher ratings: being able to apply game elements that could turn out well, but that not all people should view.

imagesNow, recall how people reacted to the first Gamecube Zelda title, The Wind Waker. When it was revealed, people were excited, as it WAS a Zelda game, but after seeing the realistic and intense tech demo at the Spaceworld Expo, people wanted something totally different. Many were irritated by the childishness of the new game, even if many of them, including me, loved it in the end anyway. While some players do not care what style a Zelda game takes on, as long as it stays true to the series as a whole, others would love to see a very mature Zelda game. While this could mean nothing more than swearing or sexual content, and that the target audience would be smaller, it could also mean more violent attacks and more intense times of action. Whether that is a good thing or not, is up to you.

Your turn! Should Zelda ever take on a Rated-M level of intensity, or should things go no further than Twilight Princess‘ rated-teen style? Leave a comment below!

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