super-smash-bros-cloud-directTomorrow marks the last time we will see a dedicated Nintendo Direct specifically for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS. A lot of mad hype has been going around recently after the reveal of Cloud Strife as a downloadable character, but more crazy reveals could very well be around the corner, for fighters, stages, and maybe even more, like adventure modes, trophies, music and who knows what else. But what about something for us fans of Nintendo’s greatest adventure series? Could something Zelda-related be added?

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2397299-skullkidThe Smash Ballot is likely the biggest point of discussion going around at the moment in regard to what is coming. The results came in awhile back, and now that Cloud has been revealed, there is a whole Direct where they could reveal the winner. Of course, I HIGHLY doubt Zelda characters would win. Groose, Impa, and Fi were among the more prominent voted characters, but not close enough to the top to win. That, and Skull Kid has been deconfirmed, with his appearance as an assist trophy, and his inclusion in Hyrule Warriors Legends. But, if a new Zelda character were added, there are honestly rather few left that I would consider adding, if not the three I mentioned in the Ballot. Ghirahim is already an assist trophy, so he is out. Lana from Hyrule Warriors would be cool, but unlikely as it is a spin-off. In fact, any major contenders in the series seem to have been either made into an assist trophy, deconfirmed altogether, or more noticeably, added to Hyrule Warriors, so I think a new character is out entirely.

WiiU_SuperSmashBros_Stage11_Screen_01What about stages? There were some awesome new stages added in Smash when it was released, including Gerudo Valley, the Spirit Train, and Skyloft, as well as the Pirate Ship and N64 Hyrule Castle as DLC. That being said, maybe for the sake of balance, there should be another Wii U exclusive stage alongside Skyloft, as the 3DS has two exclusives. Whether exclusive to one system or not, there is no shortage of areas to choose from. A sequentially rotating stage could work well, like how some other stages switch between areas in a a specific order. There could be one where the Warp Songs from Ocarina of Time send you to memorable parts of all the Sages’ dungeons. Or in celebration of Twilight Princess HD, they could have someplace from from that game. How about one switching between the various areas of Castle Town? Or maybe a neat area like the Sacred Grove? What ever the stage, if they do announce one, just don’t let it be another side-scroller…

Aside from that, who knows what will come about? Adventure Mode DLC is a big guess, but people are thinking about it, and I know I would love to see it. The Zelda sections of Brawl’s Subspace Emissary were great, and Melee’s underground Temple was really cool. And if a new Zelda stage is added, I can’t wait to hear some new remixed music. What about you guys? Do you think Zelda fans will be catered to in tomorrow’s Smash Direct? Drop a comment!

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