Link_vs._Hero's_ShadeAs it started in Zelda II, Link was given different attacks and maneuvers based on his swordplay. Years pass, and throughout the titles he’s taught various different skills to put to use. In Wind Waker, he wasn’t taught any moves other than the Hurricane Spin, yet the final battle happened to be one of the fights with the most swordplay.  Link’s swordplay is an essential mechanic to Zelda titles now, though the question is; should it remain the same, or be improved in the long run?  There are few things I’d like to talk about regarding this subject, so do hit the jump if you’d like to read more about it!

Link has known various moves in each Zelda game, though in some he was taught more than what he had known prior. In Twilight Princess, Link as able to train under the Hero’s Shade to learn skills from the hero long before him, such as the Ending Blow, Helm Splitter, Mortal Draw, etc. And then you have Link from Minish Cap, who was taught various skills from Tiger Scrolls, such as the Spin Attack, Sword Beam, Peril Beam, etc. And of course, Wind Waker Link doesn’t have much taught to him. He’s taught the hurricane spin at one point, though every counterattack he uses throughout the game was known from the beginning.


The way I see it, I feel that he has a ton of different moves and actions regarding swordplay already. Improving I’m not so sure of, but maybe implementing it into future titles. There are a select few games that have a wide array of swordplay moves. If Link were to be able to learn bigger and better moves in -say- Zelda U, I’d hope to see them do more than what they have already done in the past. But nonetheless, one of my favorite parts about combat in Zelda games is the swordplay. I adored Twilight Princess and Wind Waker for the swordplay each title brought to the table. They definitely added more to the combat system in terms of the player’s effort and/or concentration.


Well then, with that said, what would your thoughts be? Would you like to see past skills from Link be brought into future games? Or see newly developed skills be implemented into Link’s array? And as my last question, who managed to get ahold of the Hyrule Edition New 3DS? (I know I didn’t!) Sound off in the comments!

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