link wolf the legend of zelda artwork the legend of zelda twilight princess 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_52There are few games where Link is forcibly transformed into an animal or creature at some point, and following this is finding a way to transform back to his original form. However, in games like Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess, transforming into his other self is a necessity to progressing through the game. That got me thinking; would he, will he, and/or should he be able to transform again into an alternate form in future Zelda titles? I’d love to hear your opinion, so let me state mine beforehand, just past the jump!

I have little to talk about, so let me start with this; in Majora’s Mask, Link starts his journey with an unfortunate turn of events, when he’s turned into a Deku Scrub by Skull Kid after losing Epona, theĀ Ocarina of Time, and falling down the tree which lead him to Termina. During this time, Link has three days to retrieve his ocarina and reverse time, all while stuck in his Deku form. Once turned back, however, he’s given a mask of his Deku form, which allows him to transform into a Deku Scrub whensoever he pleases. From there, he also obtains the Goron Mask and Zora Mask a little further out. Meaning, he’s able to transform into three different forms (not including his original form, of course) throughout his journey. And in Twilight Princess, Link unwillingly is pulled into the Twilight Realm and is forced to take on the form of a wolf. Later on, Midna is able to change this, and allows him to transform into a wolf -and back- whenever he pleases. These transformations are precisely the topic in which I’d like to speak about.


How I see it, I believe it’d be awesome to see Link transform into something we haven’t seen before thus far. Or, if it comes down to it, maybe even a rendition of what he’s already been. If such a feature were implemented into the series’ future titles, I’d give full support in the addition of the ability. However, I do believe that they shouldn’t butcher the idea, either. We had previously spoken about how time travel in Zelda installments has become overused and is seen too much throughout the franchise as a whole. It isn’t as fresh an idea as it used to be, even though I don’t believe I’d complain whether it was brought back or not. However, transforming into an entirely new form is something that should be thought of carefully, whilst watched for how many times it’s used betwixt installments. Simply, I’d love seeing it come to be, though not so much it grows boring. Keep it fresh, to say the least.


Now then, it’s your turn- what are your thoughts? Do you have any to boot? Mayhap it’s sprung another opinion you’d like to share, whether it be similar to the topic or far from it? And as a final question- what are your thoughts on Triforce Heroes? I’ve seen plenty of people both ways, though I’d love to see what you guys think. Its releasing in little over a month gives me the perfect opportunity to ask this. If you have any thoughts you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments!

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