06When it came to the player’s transportation method, it’s always been pretty varied. However, no other game had quite the same method as Skyward Sword did. In Skyward Sword, you had to fly to get from place-to-place. With the cloud barrier below, the only way to enter a particular location was to fly over it, and skydive into it. This was a first for the Zelda series, but with that idea laid out on the table, would it be wise to bring it back in a future title- or something similar to it? I’ll be talking a bit more about it ahead, so of you’re interested in reading more, don’t hesitate to dive into the jump!

With the player starting out in Skyloft -a island in the sky, basically- each and every resident of Skyloft is bestowed a Loftwing by the Goddess Hylia, symbolizing her divine protection. Link was given a Crimson Loftwing; a rare breed of Loftwing thought to be extinct. That’s the starting point of it all. Without spoiling much, after events that cause Link to journey outside of Skyloft, you begin to take your first flight out into the sky. The controls are simple, yet sometimes can be aggravating (if Wii Motion Plus doesn’t respond accurately). As said previously, to enter a location you have to fly above an opening of the cloud barrier, and skydive into it. This is the base mechanic of the game, and how flying from one destination to the other works. You’re also able to skydive onto islands floating in the sky.


Now, I really enjoyed being able to fly. There were points you could boost your speed at for a short duration of time (which made getting around pretty easy). I do, however, have a few things I thought to be slightly annoying when it came to flying. Just little motion issues were all that really bugged me, but other than that it was pretty nice. Although I would prefer being able to fly using a controller, that’s just not what it’s meant to be. I wouldn’t mind seeing it return in the future, but if it does, hopefully it returns revamped.


What do you think? Would you like to see flying return in future Zelda titles? Or would you rather stick to Epona? Let us know by sounding off in the comments!

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