plcJQosWith Tri Force Heroes, you and your friends could go head-to-head in Colosseum Mode- a PvP mode playing by the rules of “whoever’s been hit/killed the least wins”. You could earn various materials for competing, with each world holding different rewards than the next. With some of the materials being exclusive to Colosseum Mode, the mode definitely has its worth. Based off of this and the mechanics, would it be reasonable (or even desired) to implement this feature into future Zelda games? I’ll mention a few other things ahead, so don’t hesitate to hit the jump!

In Colosseum mode, you’re able to select any of the eight worlds unlocked to go to battle in, each world having various materials required for a few costumes. For example, you’d need to get a Fabled Butterfly, Golden insect and Gold Dust to obtain the Sword Master Suit from the Sky Realm, The Ruins and The Dunes- respectively. Alternatively, however, you could obtain the very same materials for completing all the challenges in the designated area and receive these from the king, although once you obtain one from the king, that’s all you’ll get from him. If you use it or sell it, you’ll need to get another from the Colosseum.


From the little I’ve played of Colosseum Mode, it’s actually quite fun! It’s an entertaining way to pass the time, and is very dependent on the outfit you’re wearing (if someone has the Sword master Suit, kiss your hearts goodbye). So make sure to gear up before heading in, or you could definitely be walking straight into death. Four Swords Adventures had a similar battle mode (with a pretty different level design), though with Tri Force Heroes’ being online, it makes it all the more accessible to anyone and everyone. So with this said, would we like to see something similar return in a future title? I, personally, would not mind seeing it return. But whatever happens, happens. It doesn’t matter much in my case, it’s just nice to have it around.


So then, with my opinion out of the way, what’s yours? Would you like to see something similar to Colosseum Mode return in a future installment? Or could you care less whether it returns or not? Do you have anything you’d like to say about Four Swords’ battle mode, too? Be sure to sound off in the comments!

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