midnaThe Zelda series has produced some of the most interesting locations such as the temples of Hyrule, Skyloft, and the Twilight Realm. While Link has traveled to Hyrule time and time again other locations are only used once. With that being said should Link return to the Twilight Realm featured in Twilight Princess?

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Twilight Princess was an amazing addition to the Legend of Zelda series and I would really enjoy seeing Link return there one day. With that being said if that were to happen I would want the game to expand more into what the Twilight Realm is. For me the Twilight Realm offers this place that is eerie, mysterious, and unique and I think in order to justify returning to the Twilight Realm it needs to offer either something more or something new to keep it interesting because if it just returns with no alteration what so ever, it could become mundane and ruin the great impression it made in Twilight Princess. So what do you think? Should the Twilight Realm be left alone or should it be used again? Let us know in the comments below.

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