Over the years, our Hero hasn’t changed much. I mean, the animation and quality have, but not our actual hero. Same fighting spirit and willingness to jump right-in to save the world from certain demise. But what if our Hero was actually a Heroine? What if you could play a female character? Whether she’s the protagonist or not, would you? For me, it honestly wouldn’t matter. Now I personally wouldn’t want to see a tall leggy blonde with half her bits popping out all over the place, of course, but it wouldn’t stop me for playing and enjoying the game. I believe the game to already be lady friendly, and to be frank, I don’t always pay attention to the character I am forcing into battle.


If they did make it that way, it makes me wonder would the game go up in success or down? Also it brings up the question of “would it bring in more female gamers and would it drive men off?”. I would love to see a playable female character not just because of my own gender, but I believe it would bring something new to the table. Something just as enjoyable as the original. There are so many things you could do with this such as different back stories, new items, and even new secondary characters.

If this concept became were to come true, would you still be willing to play the game? What would be some of your ideas for the plot or even other what things might be added or changed? Leaver your thoughts in the comments below!

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