UntitledThe first few sets of Amiibos have been revealed for Super Smash Bros., and this has many wondering what it may lead to for the Wii U and 3DS. What about Zelda? It certainly is not inconceivable for Zelda to have its own Amiibo figures, but that obviously leads to the question of how they may be used. What special elements of Zelda games could be enhanced with the use of these new portable figures? Join the discussion after the jump!

amiibo_thumbnailIt is interesting that Link’s Amiibo figure was one of Amazon’s top sellers for awhile. I rather doubt that all those people play with Link as their main Smash Bros. fighter. More than likely, they were great collectables for Zelda fans. Perhaps this is also an indication that Amiibos for an actual Zelda game would be a good move for Nintendo. Though, while they would be fun for collectors, they ought to be useful in the game.

downloadSuper Smash Bros. will apparently use Amiibos as portable fighters, letting you store the stats of a custom fighter, and bring it to another Wii U to use and continue leveling up. You can even drop the fighter into a match to use as a computer fighter. In a manner of speaking, this is a way for the Wii U to emulate StreetPass. Friends can use and exchange data with each other, only without having the system in their pocket. For Zelda, this could honestly lead to any number of options. Perhaps, like in Super Smash Bros., friends could bring the data of their characters to each other’s Wii U’s, and drop the characters into the game on the fly to help out. Or, there could be a new competitive mode that uses a similar style of character transfer. There could even be things totally unrelated to characters, like the exchange of items and weapons, using transfers for better upgrades, or badges like in Hyrule Warriors, or even exchanging things like puzzles and dungeons, if they were not randomly generated, and therefor consistent for every player.

What do you guys think? What could the Amiibo figures be used for? There is sure to be some sort of transfer involved between players, but what could it lead to in Zelda? Leave a comment below!

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